American Legion Band, Brattleboro VT

Band History

The Brattleboro American Legion Band marches in the November 2005 parade in Vergennes, VT. Photo courtesy of Laura Krahn.

In the summer of 1990, all the right factors came together to cause the successful origination of the current 50+ member band. The Chester Brass, under the direction of Bruce Corwin, were invited to play for the annual reunion of the 104th Regimental Band, held at Post #5 American Legion in Brattleboro, VT.

After enjoying the concert, Don Strange, Don Long, and their wives were relaxing iin the lounge and discussed how nice it would be to have a band for our Legion Post in Brattleboro. There had been a band years ago, in the 1930's, but nothing in recent years. Don Strange, who hadn't played his trumpet in years, was enthusiastic about this idea. Bruce Corwin was in the lounge after the concert, and he said he'd be willing to direct the band, at least for a while, to help it get started.

Also present at that evening was Post #5 Commander Ed Mayo. When approached regarding the possibility of a band, Mr. Mayo was very supportive and welcomed Long and Strange to speak at the next Trustee's meeting. This Commander remained supportive in the weeks to come, and with his help, an initial expenditure of $15,000 for band uniforms was approved by the Board of Trustees. During the next few months, money was raised by newspaper ads and "word of mouth" to obtain the necessary blend of instruments.

Thus began our 24 year journey. Mr. Corwin became Director Emeritus at the beginning of 2014.